Ivan Kalynych: "There’s shortage of the Faculty of Geography graduates on the labour market"

Ivan Kalynych: "There’s shortage of the Faculty of Geography graduates on the labour market"

The Faculty of Geography is one of the youngest in Uzhhorod National University, it was founded in 2005. At present, it has three departments: Land Management and Cadastre, Physical Geography and Rational Nature Management, as well as the Department of Forestry. The dean of the faculty, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Ivan Kalynych told us about the opportunities and prospects provided by the Faculty of Geography of UzhNU.

 What changes can entrants expect in this year’s entrance campaign?

In general, there will be no significant changes compared to last year's campaign. This year, there will be a career-oriented entrance olympiad in geography, and its prize-winners will be able to get up 20 extra points when entering our faculty.

This year, we will offer bachelor's degree programmes in (Secondary Education) - Geography, “Earth Sciences - Natural Geography”, “Geography”, “Geodesy and Land Management”, “Earth Sciences (Monitoring of the Earth from Space)”, “Forestry” and "Landscape Gardening"; master’s degree programmes in "Secondary education - Geography", "Geodesy and land management" and "Forestry".

What are the employment prospects for the graduates of the Faculty of Geography?

 Our graduates can work in in the fields of land management, water management, meteorology, geodesy and forestry. In general, there’s shortage of specialists our faculty prepares on the labour market. In Transcarpathia, there is huge lack of specialists in land management, land surveyors, foresters, specialists in natural geography, and teachers of geography. In previous years, many students from other regions, in particular, from Lviv and Rivne regions, joined our faculty, however, the there’s demand for more qualified specialists in these professions.