Good Deeds Week at UzhNU. Join!

Good Deeds Week at UzhNU. Join!

Uzhhorod National University will celebrate its 76th anniversary next week. It is customary to receive gifts on birthdays, but this time we would like to change the tradition a bit. That is why the administration and students of Uzhhorod National University announce Good Deeds Week and call on everyone who cares to give gifts to others.

A number of good events are planned for next week.

We want to collect and buy the necessary things for the children living at the regional orphanage in Svalyava. You may bring clothes and things for kids up to 3 years old to UzhNU administration (3, Narodna Square, Uzhhorod) and leave them with a security guard, or send money for their purchase.

We are also planning to help or four-legged friends from "Barbos" animal shelter in Uzhhorod. If you have a desire and opportunity to help, you may bring the things that might be useful for the shelter to the administration of Uzhhorod National University (3 Narodna Square) and leave them with the security guard or send money.

There will aso be free film shows in the university administration building (3 Narodna Square, Uzhhorod), and grateful spectators will be able to donate some money for the needs of the orphanage and animal shelter by dropping it into special donation boxes.

It is also planned to hold a charity race in the city center and a fair of craft products made by university students at Teatralna Square. All the raised funds will be donated for the treatment of Kira Zaitseva and Pavlyk Motychka.

We are calling on all the residents and guests of Uzhhorod and all people of good will to share warmth and love with those who need tham  lot. Let’s help those who vitally need our help.

Funds for the treatment of Kira Zaitseva and Pavlyk Motychka can be sent to the Privatbank account 5169 3305 2328 6992, or transferred to the UZHNU account in "Privatbank" (recipient code 41144795, account UA633052990000026003043603475).

You can send funds for the needs of the regional orphanage in Svalyava to the account 4149 4993 8027 1708 (recipient Almashiy Alyona Oleksandrivna).

You can send funds for the needs of the shelter for homeless animals "Barbos" in Uzhhorod to Privatbank account 4731 2196 1308 0328 (recipient Tovt Kristina Robertivna)