Foreign students met with the representatives of the National Police at UzhNU

Foreign students met with the representatives of the National Police at UzhNU

On Tuesday, April 12, a meeting of foreign students of UzhNU with the representatives of university administration and members of the National Police took place. Opening the meeting, the Rector of Uzhhorod National University Professor Volodymyr Smolanka said: "Together we must do everything possible to avoid such incidents in the future. We should speak as openly and frankly as possible - your safety depends on our joint efforts. I want to emphasize that the police reacted to the situation promptly. We are confident that the criminals will be severely punished. I want to thank the doctors of the city hospital, who urgently and accurately operated on the third student and saved his life. It should be understood that there has to be cooperation of both sides to avoid such situations in the future. Absolute majority of residents of Transcarpathia show friendly attitude to foreigners, but there is always a small number of villains in any society - mentioned the Rector. - On the other hand, there are always situations when students drink and take drugs. The impact of both factors can’t be excluded in the given situation. The students who study well, behave decently in most cases".

The Rector announced the preparation of TV and radio programmes, development of joint projects together with the community of the Uzhhorod. Their purpose is to inform the Transcarpathians about the traditions, habits and religion of foreign students. Volodymyr Smolanka encouraged the students to learn more about the life of Transcarpathia, learn the Ukrainian language and more actively participate in local activities.

The issue of constructing a hostel for foreign students was also raised at the meeting. In addition, the creation of a foreign students committee within the student union of UzhNU to enable them participate in the public life of the university more actively was also discussed.

 Deputy head of the department of Uzhhorod National Police, Senior Lieutenant of Police Oleh Tupchiy emphasized that the conflict was not racially motivated. "It was the result of your colleagues’ communication with wrong people. The students - victims of the crime – invited the people they had known for a very short period of time to their place of residence. Doubtful company consisted of two men and a woman. The company drank alcohol and probably took drugs".