The Faculty of Medicine introduces new teaching methods to improve the knowledge of future doctors

The Faculty of Medicine introduces new teaching methods to improve the knowledge of future doctors

The situation in education encourages teachers to seek different forms of work to increase the knowledge of future doctors. Thus, the staff of the Medical Faculty of UzhNU decided to apply new group formation approach, however, the topic was somewhat misinterpreted by some media.

From now on, the division of students into groups will be based on students’ progress in studies. As the Vice Rector of UzhNU Volodymyr Feketa has explained, in groups of students with advanced level of training, teachers can work with the respective level of argumentation and use examples that are more suitable for students with advanced knowledge. "In general the goal is to make every student happy and able to master every subject. I emphasize: all students will study medicine equally, but teaching approach has to be different - different methodological and pedagogical approaches, examples, reasoning level can vary in order to give students the same knowledge in a more suitable form for them".

Volodymyr Feketa explains by giving a detailed example. You can study electrocardiograms in  different ways. "If a student has profound knowledge of biophysics, biochemistry, biology, understands  physiological properties of cell membranes, is familiar with geometrical methods of summation of elementary dipole vectors, etc., I can talk to them about vector analysis of cardiograms, show abnormal  electrocardiogram spikes origin and explain how they interpret different heart conditions. If a student does not have sufficient basic knowledge of physics, chemistry, mathematics and the concept of the vector is not yet clear for them, this terminology can be confusing for them. But I also have to teach such students to read cardiograms and I’m going to do it by giving other examples, using a different level of reasoning, and it is likely to take more time".

Vice Rector has also stressed that nobody wants to reduce the level of training of medical students. "On the contrary! We aim to increase students’ professional level. If we apply the above mentioned approach to the formation of groups, all students have a chance to improve their knowledge, pass a licensing exam successfully and, consequently, become full-fledged doctors".