Expanding educational opportunities for students due to cooperation between UzhNU and the Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk

Expanding educational opportunities for students due to cooperation between UzhNU and the Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk

International Academic Mobility is very popular among students today. Uzhhorod National University strongly supports its students in studying abroad. However, some students don’t have enough information about the opportunity of acquiring higher education in the universities of Ukraine and Europe simultaneously, although there are a lot of such programs at present including internships, semester-long study or double diploma training programs. The head of the department for international relations of UzhNU Oksana Svezhentseva told us more about the cooperation between UzhNU and one of its Polish partner universities - the Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk.

- With the support of our Polish partners, over 20 students of UzhNU seeking for their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in different majors are provided with the opportunity of free semester-long study in a Polish university. A new call for applications has been opened recently and it will last till 15 June 2017. The semester runs from October to February. One can learn more details of the program on our official website Subjects can be selected from the catalogue of courses:

Our students don’t have to pay tuition and hostel accommodation fees during their one semester study in the Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk. They also have an extra opportunity to learn Polish under the guidance of qualified native speakers.

We are also implementing a double diploma program on the basis of cooperation agreement with the Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk. It opens up vast opportunities for our students. At present, seven students of the Faculty of Mathematics of UzhNU are doing this course.

 Beginning with the second year, students of UzhNU can simultaneously study in a Ukrainian and a Polish university (in similar major). In this case, the student will receive two Bachelor's degrees: after the 4th year in UzhNU, and after the 3rd year in the Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk. There are also opportunities to apply for Master’s degree training programs to obtain two Master’s diplomas.

 The other day, there was a meeting of coordinators of student exchange programs and double degrees, where the representatives of both universities could communicate, share experience and discuss new vectors of international cooperation. The representatives of the department for international relations of Uzhhorod National University and their Polish partners discussed the integration processes in the European educational area and improving educational standards. They also dwelt on the issue of establishing partnership relations between Ukrainian and Polish educators and researchers. I believe that the range of opportunities for students and teachers of UzhNU will become even wider in the near future.