Economic Forum at UzhNU: proposals for authorities worked out

Economic Forum at UzhNU: proposals for authorities worked out

On Thursday, November 14, 2019, a meeting of the working group of participants of the First Economic Forum of Transcarpathia took place in the building of UzhNU administration.

Opening the meeting, the Rector of UzhNU Volodymyr Smolanka emphasized, “I am pleased that our forum continues, and it is nice that some important people, whose proposals will be heard by the authorities, have gathered here. We would like the employers to show the employment prospects to our graduates, but above all, it is important for us to hear your expectations as for the professional level of our graduates. We are ready to engage business representatives in the training process so that you can develop the skills that our graduates really need. It’s a very important component.”

 The deputy head of Uzhhorod City Council Oleksandr Bilak noted that proposals had to be elaborated after analyzing the needs of each sector of the economy.

“For example, there are 600 vacancies and only 300 people looking for a job in the employment center of Uzhhorod. At the same time, we experience the lack of specialists in many professions. Therefore, the needs for economic development must be clearly defined, and proceeding from the fact that the cooperation between the authorities and the scientists should be beneficial for the business. We can resolve certain issues at the local level, and we can also ask for appropriate decisions to be taken at the regional and national levels,” said Oleksandr Bilak.

Mykhailo Kachur, the manager of “Uzhhorod Turbohaz” factory, said that the discussion platform initiated by the Faculty of Economics of UzhNU was very important.

“We should knock on the doors of different institutions at different levels from time to time to be heard. Businesses are waiting for the intellectual and information component from the university. There are a lot of educated people working for UzhNU who should work on the development of ideas together with businesses,” said Mykhailo Kachur.

The manager of “Jabil”, Serhiy Kartsev, focused on the problem of human resources.

 “The real practical problem we regularly encounter is the reluctance to move from other regions to Uzhhorod. It seems to us that young people who are now graduating from universities and looking for themselves think differently than the older generation. In particular, our city must be attractive to young people, to our future employees. We would like to create a working group of entrepreneurs, representatives of the university and the authorities who are interested in attracting students and making Uzhhorod a little more interesting for generation Z.

 Nobilex CEO Andriy Piven believes that Transcarpathia and Uzhhorod have huge development potential.

«The rolling stone gathers no moss. Therefore, it is necessary to meet, communicate, ogranize such "round tables" and come up with common proposals. We will convey our message both to the MPs and to the local self-government authorities. And we will remind them diplomatically that the problems raised need to be solved,” said Andriy Piven.

Businessmen Yuriy Meshko and Yevhen Oliynyk, the head of the regional “Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs” Oleksiy Kindrat, vice-rector of UzhNU Oleksandr Rohach, the head of the Department of International Economic Relations Volodymyr Prykhodko also shared their views on the main issues hindering the development of the region.

Summing up the meeting, the dean of the Faculty of Economics Vitaliy Serzhanov announced that participants’ proposals related to human resources, taxation, infrastructure projects, vocational training and budgetary policy, etc. would be systematized and passed to the MPs representing our region, Transcarpathian Regional State Administration and Uzhhorod City Council.