Ambassador of Croatia paid a visit to UzhNU

Ambassador of Croatia paid a visit to UzhNU

Ambassador of Croatia to Ukraine Tomislav Vidoshevich and the first secretary of the embassy Yelena Perich paid a visit to Uzhhorod National University on Thursday, May 11 2017.

"There are strong cultural, religious and educational ties between Croatia and Ukraine. The states have lots of common pages in history, for some period of time our lands belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, so now we would like to implement joint projects for the development of the economy, culture, tourism and science of both countries, - said Mr. Tomislav Vidoshevich during the meeting held in the administration building of UzhNU. - It is symbolic that our visit to Transcarpathia coincided with the celebration of Europe Day and the approval of "visa-free" travel. We are ready to share our experience of joining the European community."

During the conversation the diplomats told that Croatia’s way to independence was very difficult. There was the time when a large part of its territory was under occupation and 800 thousand people out of 4, 200 million became refugees. "We understand your current problems and we are ready to cooperate and share our experience in many areas, including the economic recovery in the temporarily occupied territories," - said Mr.Vidoshevich.

Vice-Rectors of UzhNU Myroslava Lendel and Ihor Studenyak, the deans of the Faculty of History and International Relations and the Faculty of Economics Ivan Vovkanych and Vitaliy Serzhanov told the diplomats about the longstanding academic and scientific cooperation between the universities of Uzhhorod and Zagreb, dating back to 1997. Physics, history and philology are the areas where we have considerable experience of cooperation, but it is possible and necessary to develop it in other areas, such as economy, tourism and communications.

 Vice-Rectors of UzhNU asked the diplomat for assistance in the strengthening of academic and scientific relations between the universities of both countries, particularly the conclusion of appropriate agreements between the ministries of education of the two states. Croatian diplomat agreed to such proposal and said that in June 2017 there would be the first in the history of independence of our countries official counter visit of the Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Hroysman to Zagreb. Sensible proposals by Uzhhorod scientists should also be the subjects of agreements, and their implementation will open new horizons for cooperation in education and science between the two countries with very similar history.

 At the end of the meeting Mr Vidoshevich informed about the intention to open an Honorary Consulate of Croatia in Transcarpathia.