Department of Probability Theory and Mathematical Analysis

The Department of Mathematical Analysis was officially mentioned for the first time as the subdivision of Uzhhorod University in Rector’s of Uzhhorod State University Order №92 on September 11, 1953. The Order established the annual pedagogical loads and the monthly salary payroll in accordance with the staf list for 1953-1954 academic year. In October 1, 1953 Studniev Yurii Petrovych, the graduate of Lviv University Postgraduate courses, was appointed to the post of Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department of  Mathematical Analysis, performing  of the duty of the Head of the Department. Soon he became a well-known specialist in Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics,  Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor. He ran the Department of Mathematical Analysis till 1988. Since autumn 1988 Motsa A.I., Associate Professor, bacame the Head of the Department.

Research themes of the Department in 1950-1970 were appointed by Hnedenko.O.V, famous scientist in Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistic, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He was the research Supervisor for the first scientists of Uzhhorod University Harshtein B.N. and Studniev Y.P. who started training students on Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics specialties.

Scientific researches included the Theory of Summation of Random Variables, Boundary Theorems of Probability Theory, quasi-probability method for theoretical probability problems. During 1980-1990 the new researches on the theory of random processes and fields, simulation of random processes in various functional spaces, solving boundary value problems with random initial conditions were started under the research supervising of professors of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv Silvestrov D.S. and Kozachenko Y.V.

Several scientific forums were hold at the University on the basis of the Department of Mathematical Analysis: All-USSR School of Boundary Theorems of Probability Theory in March 1961, All-USSR Conference on Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics in 24 February-10 March 1964, All-USSR School of Young Scientists in the Field of Integrated Variable Functions in August 1964, All-USSR Seminar on the Stability of Stochastic Models in September 1984, All-USSR School on the Development and Use of Stochastic and Programming Software in May 1989, Second Ukrainian-Hungarian Conference on the New Areas of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics in September-October 1992, First Ukrainian-Scandinavian Conference on the Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics in September-October 1995, International Coordination Meeting on the Prospects for Implementation of the New Mathematic Specialty “Statistics” in Ukrainian Institutions of Higher Education in May-Jun 2003.

The lecturers of the Department take part in training specialists in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics. They also provide teaching mathematical courses in the preparation of specialists in Physics and Applied Physics.