Open yourself to the world. September 27 - World Tourism Day

Open yourself to the world. September 27 - World Tourism Day

 Tourism is one of the types of active recreation, which is associated with travelling, familiarization with the world and discovering new territories; trade, diplomatic and religious missions. However, there are people for whom tourism is a life full of constant learning, understanding nature and personal education.

 World Tourism Day has been celebrated for more than thirty years. It unites the people for whom it's not just a job or a hobby, but a continuous flow of emotions, impressions and new every day discoveries. Therefore, we decided to tell about the Faculty of Tourism and International Communication of Uzhhorod National University, which trains specialists in the field of tourism and genuine adventure enthusiasts.

 The Faculty of Tourism and IC is one of the youngest departments of the university, which duly took its niche in the ranking of the most successful faculties of UzhNU. Currently, it enrolls more than 400 full-time and part-time students doing their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in such majors as "Tourism" and "Hotel and Restaurant Business".