An integral part of "Uzhgorod National University" is the campus, which includes 6 dormitories, where about 3000 students, and also international students, students' families, graduate students, interns, students and PED applicants are located.

Campus is a housing and living complex which is governed by the laws of Ukraine, the default provisions of the dormitories and the internal regulations of UzhNU campus dormitories. Campus cooperates with the deans and university institutes, thus controlling the behavior of students.

On campus territory there are 2 student clinics, student shops and cafes, playgrounds. In a dormitory there are libraries, reading rooms with free Wi-Fi internet. For leisure the student dormitories are equipped with modern sports facilities.

Campus is a structural department of "Uzhhorod National University", the administration is concerned about the creation of appropriate conditions in dormitories, regular updates of material and technical resources, defines the main directions of economic and social development, manages all activities and organizes the work of campus, solves tasks to improve its structure. As, for example, during the last year an overhaul in several residential blocks was done, about 1000 windows were replaced by modern plastic one, the roof was repaired.

The administration of each of the dormitories promotes insurance of order; security protects the pass control, compliances with safety and internal regulations.

Dormitory check-in is planned out in advance scheme.

Required documents for dormitory check-in:
  • passport
  • 3 photographs 3x4
  • dormitory payment receipt
Contact information:

Campus administration

Campus director: Solovyov Serhiy Hryhorovych

Campus deputy director:  Nekachaylo Valeriy Viktorovych, Burdyukh Ivan Ivanovych

Tel. (0312) 64-13-14