School of Clinical Neuroscience "Carpathian Readings" at UzhNU (video)

School of Clinical Neuroscience "Carpathian Readings" at UzhNU (video)

The School of Clinical Neuroscience "Carpathian Readings" began its work at Uzhhorod National University. This scientific and educational project for specialists is implemented for the 13th consecutive year together with the NGO "Ukrainian Anti-Stroke Association".

Mykola POLISHCHUK, professor, neurosurgeonthe President of the NGO “Ukrainian Anti-Stroke Association

Strokes are among the most serious diseases in Ukraine. They occupy the third place in the mortality rate of the Ukrainian population. Every year around 100,000 people experience strokes. About 40 thousand die within a year, and the majority become disabled. Only around 15-20 thousand can serve themselves after srokes or return to normal way of life.

The conference was attended by the leading neuropathologists, neurosurgeons, anesthetists and  physicians from Ukraine and abroad. The project is held in the format of an educational school.

 Volodymyr SMOLANKA, the Rector of UzhNU

We deliver lectures on stroke prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, and show master-classes.

The organizers say that such events are extremely important for the enrichmentof professional experience of doctors during the period of reforms of Ukrainian medicine. Specialists from abroad (from Canada, Germany, and Israel) lectured online.

“Carpathian Readings” project will take place for three days on the basis of  Uzhhorod National University.