The history of establishing a student periodical "Pohlyad" began in October 1998. On the initiative of the rector of Uzhhorod University, Professor V.Y.Slyvka, and with the direct assistance of the head of the department, at present Professor, the head of the department of Ukrainian literature V.V.Barchan, it was decided to launch a periodical at a newly established department of journalism. On the one hand, the newspaper was supposed to function as a training ground for students of journalism, and on the other hand, as an agency of the academic council of Uzhhorod University.

The first issue of "Pohlyad" was released in January 1999. Since then, this monthly periodical has become a kind of creative laboratory for students, a good "start" on their way to conquering the journalistic Olympus. While practicing in their newspaper, boys and girls thoroughly study all the stages of its preparation, including the stages of collecting information, publishing the periodical and its distribution.

From the very beginning, “Pohlyad” was designed to satisfy the reading tastes of university students, graduates and teachers. However, while performing this function today, the newspaper is largely oriented towards students of journalism. This is evidenced by the content of the published materials and their language-style.

The newspaper is published in Ukrainian. The only source of funding is the money of the the founder - Uzhhorod National University.

 The editorial staff of “Pohlyad” has been constantly changing since the day of its foundation. However, the periodical has always been associated with students, who are its main creators.

An associate professor of the department of journalism, a member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, a laureate of several all-Ukrainian journalism competitions and the winner of the Gold Medal of Ukrainian journalism V.Y.Tarasyuk has been the editor-in-chief of the newspaper since the day of its establishment. An associate professor of the department of journalism  L.Y.Polikha, who, actually, developed the design of the newspaper, has been its graphic and page designer for 15 years.

The main content of "Pohlyad" is made up of the materials in various genres, prepared by public reporters from among the students of the department of journalism.

The staff of the periodical systematically participates in various activities, in particular, rafting down the Tysa river to promote tourism, healthy lifestyle and environmental culture among the population of Transcarpathia, various regional sports competitions for mass media representatives on the occasion of Journalists’ Days, and regularly joins various press tours.

The newspaper "Pohlyad" was awarded with a diploma for participation in the First All-Ukrainian Exhibition of Student Mass Media and in the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Student Mass Media in Ukraine: Realities and Prospects for Development" (Zaporizhzhya, 2007), took 3rd place in the All-Ukrainian Student Competition (Zaporizhzhya, 2008), became a laureate of the Regional Honorary Award “The Talisman of the Silver Land” (Uzhhorod, 2008), was awarded by the Transcarpathian Regional Information Policy Department for the contribution to the training of journalists, etc.

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