Uzhhorod University was given the status of “NVIDIA CUDA C / C ++ Teaching Center” – the only one of its kind in Ukraine

Uzhhorod University was given the status of “NVIDIA CUDA C / C ++ Teaching Center” – the only one of its kind in Ukraine

In recent years the Department of Semiconductor Physics of Uzhhorod National University established fruitful cooperation with such world-known companies as «ARM», «Texas Instruments», «XILINX», «Silicon Labs», «Freescale» and «ALTERRA».


As a result of cooperation the department received the equipment and software licenses that allow to raise significantly the level of laboratory works on analogue circuit technology, learn the latest methods of developing devices based on programmable logic arrays, master programming and use of modern controllers in different areas, master the basics of work of digital signal processors.

In order to establish cooperation with the leading companies and check their own abilities, teams of students of the Department of Semiconductor Physics regularly participate in international competitions of research works on electronics. This year our students have taken part in student competitions «Innovation Challenge Europe - 2015», «Innovate Europe Design Contest - 2015», «Open Hardware Design Contest - 2015".  Participating teams are encouraged by getting additional equipment which is used for training after the work on the competitive project is finished. Students are able to work with  the most modern equipment and software, have opportunity to implement their innovative ideas, which in the future may become the basis for a successful business project (for example, through the website Fair competition arising between different teams stimulates creative thinking and training process. The supervising teacher can order a large quantity of electronic components (chips, sensors, etc.) to implement the proposed projects and ensure the training process.


And here is another good news - Uzhhorod National University has been given the status of "NVIDIA CUDA C / C ++ Teaching Center» due to the efforts of the Department of Semiconductor Physics. In fact, we have become representatives of the American company «NVIDIA Corporation» - the largest developer of graphic processing units (CPUs) and system-on-a-chip units (SOCs). Currently, it is the only  center of its kind in Ukraine. There are more than two hundred CUDA teaching centers, for example, they are at the Universities of Stanford, Oxford and Cambridge. CUDA  is the architecture of parallel computing by «NVIDIA Corporation» which can significantly increase the processing power of modern computers with the help of graphics processing units. Top ten "supercomputers" of the world (e.g. well-known Cray) use CUDA to maximize performance. CUDA technology is widely applied in various fields of science, e.g. computational chemistry, physics and biology, fluid dynamics simulation, computer-aided tomography, video and image processing, in neural networks, etc.

Our university was provided with micro “supercomputers” NVIDIA Jetson TK1, textbooks and methodological guidelines to organize the NVIDIA CUDA teaching program. The teaching center program will be partially included in the course "Microprocessor Technology", speciality "Micro- and nanoelectronics." The laboratory provided with state-of-the-art equipment will also be open for all students and university employees. A computing cluster with the processing speed equal to 1.5 TFLOPS will be created on the basis of received equipment, which in addition to the educational process will be used for doing research.



Head of the Department of Semiconductor Physics,

Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences,

Professor Yulian Vysochanskyy.


Associate Professor Oleksandr Molnar


Mediacenter of UzhNU