Why it is worth studying at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Why it is worth studying at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Despite the fact that the Faculty of Social Sciences of UzhNU is one of the youngest, it is one of the most popular. Applicants willingly enter the Faculty not only to get a degree in one of the professions popular nowadays, but also to get a second master’s degree.

 The Dean of the Faculty is Associate Professor, Candidate of Political Sciences, Yuriy Ostapets. There are four departments in his subordination: the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, the Department of Sociology and Social Work, the Department of Psychology and the Department of Philosophy. The Faculty provides 6 Bachelor’s degree training programmes and 5 Master’s degree programmes.

 "Our faculty is young. We will celebrate its 10th anniversary in March, 2016, - says Yuriy Ostapets. - Our faculty is not as old as some others, for example, the Faculties of Physics or History, but we do our best to make our students enjoy studying here. This is the best way of advertising. The teaching staff of the faculty consists of 70 people including 6 professors, 41 associate professors, 16 senior teachers and 7 teachers. At present over 750 full-time and extramural students are being trained at the Faculty.

We differ from others, first of all, by working in the field of social, socio-political sciences  and - considering the speciality "philosophy" – humanities, too. Another area that still concerns society is public administration. It means that our students study all aspects of society including the philosophical one and social protection of population. After all, not all school-leavers want to become engineers, mathematicians or physicists. There are those who want exactly what only our team is able to provide them with in the region and beyond its borders.

 I am sure that there are two factors attracting students to our alma-mater and, in particular, to the Faculty of Social Sciences: these are comfort in the broad sense and quality of knowledge. As to the first point, we do everything to ensure that our students feel harmoniously, confidently and well! We organize leisure activities for them on the Days of Sociologist, Political scientist, Social worker, Fresher’s Day, etc.

 Yuriy Ostapets says that the Faculty cooperates with the universities of other countries and is involved in many grant programmes. "We have established relationships with the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy; Kyiv, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Dnipropetrovsk,  and Donetsk National Universities; Institute of History of Ukraine and Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; Cluj-Napoca (Romania) and  Lodz (Poland) Universities; Institute of Ethnic Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences; the University of Presov (Slovakia); Charles University (Czech Republic) and other domestic and foreign universities. We provide different programmes. Students can study half semester in our university and half - abroad (in Poland, Slovakia or Lithuania). Subjects studied abroad are credited by our university. In the future we want to establish exchange programmes for Master’s degree seekers in psychology, social work, political science, public service or e-governance", - says the Dean.

The Department of Political Science and Public Administration (headed by Candidate of Historical Sciences, Professor Marian Tokar) provides training in "Political Science" (educational and qualification levels - bachelor, specialist and master). The Department also prepares masters in "Public Management and Administration (specialization: public service and e-governance).

The Department of Sociology and Social Work (headed by Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Fedir Shandor) provides training in "Sociology" (educational and qualification  level - bachelor) and "Social work" (educational and qualification levels - bachelor, specialist and master).

The Department of Psychology (headed by the Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor Yuliana Mykhailyshyn) provides training in the speciality "Psychology" (educational and qualification levels - bachelor, specialist and master).

 The Department of Philosophy (headed by Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor Vasyl Levkulych) provides training in the speciality "Philosophy" (educational and qualification  level - bachelor).