UzhNU team paid a working visit to Suceava as part of NESICA project

UzhNU team paid a working visit to Suceava as part of NESICA project

Uzhhorod National University keeps on implementing the international project "New Energy Solutions in the Carpathian Area" (NESICA) under the Joint Operational Program Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine 2014-2020. Recently, a project team from Uzhhorod National University paid a working visit to the Romanian city of Suceava. Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava has aready implemented one of the energy solutions. A similar one will soon be implemented at UzhNU and help to increase its energy independence. We are talking about the reconstruction of the heating system with the use of renewable energy sources which will allow applying the solar radiation technology to provide the sports complex building of UzhNU with electric power. Autonomous solar panels will produce the electricity which will be used for heating the building and water in the pool. Such technology will help to save on expensive natural gas.

 In general, the project "New Energy Solutions in the Carpathian Area" (NESICA) comprises several components. One of the most important tasks is to develop a common Smart Energy Concept for the Carpathian area. Each of the partners offers some solution for their region. The project team from Uzhhorod National University involved an expert who has almost finished to prepare an Energy Concept for the Carpathian area.

“It will concern the solutions that are relevant to our region, given the state and development of Transcarpathian communities. We want to provide the communities with the best practices that will help them develop in the energy sector. Each region is special and requires individual approach. In some regions it is rational to build wind turbines, in some – use solar panels or the energy of geothermal sources, in some regions the energy potential of small rivers is high,” explains Ihor Chychura.

During one of the working meetings in Suceava, the invited expert from Uzhhorod National University Oleh Luksha, PhD, acquainted the participants with his vision of the prepared Energy Concept and discussed its features with the international partners.

It is interesting that the beneficiaries of this project are not only students and employees of Uzhhorod National University, but also residents of the region. After all, thanks to NESICA project, Transcarpathian communities will be offered the best energy solutions that will give the best results at the local level, help the communities to save money and become energy independent.

 “At first, the representatives of local governments were not interested in the project very much, but now we can see a great interest from them and it means that we have set the right goals and are moving in the right direction,”  sums up Ihor Chychura.

 NESICA project contains not only a theoretical componentl. A significant part of the funds allocated by the European Union within the project will be spent at Uzhhorod National University on the purchase of equipment, installation of solar panels on the roof of the sports complex building in order to modernize the heating system and pool water heating. The trip to Suceava was useful because the representatives of Uzhhorod National University had the opportunity to see the necessary equipment with their own eyes, and see how the Romanian partners have already implemented their project. They also got acquainted with the calculation of the economic feasibility of installing such a system, which was presented by Professor Dumitru Popa during one of the events

“This energy solution is already working and giving results. In Suceava, we visited the pool, where a modern heating and water heating system is installed. This is a hybrid system, when thermal energy is created both by burning gas and by renewable sources. It reduces energy costs significantly. We are striving to use the experience of our Romanian partners and modernize the pool heating system at Uzhhorod National University accordingly."

“It is good that such an opportunity appeared and UzhNU took advantage of it. Now it will be easier for us to realize our idea,” says Ihor Chychura. “A competent approach to the use of energy resources is needed in any sphere. Such projects are very important for us, because they provide us with the great opportunity to gain European experience and take advantage of the opportunities provided by the European Union in this area including financial instruments."

 In conclusion, it should be added tthat there’s also another initiative which will be implemented as part of the project, paticularly the preparation and publication of a guide to the best energy solutions in the region. UzhNU scientists are collecting materials about those ideas and developments that have already been implemented and which can serve as examples of the benefits of new energy solutions.