UzhNU continues cooperation with Fresenius University of Applied Sciences

UzhNU continues cooperation with Fresenius University of Applied Sciences

After a productive visit of the delegation of the German University in late March to Transcarpathia, active work on the joint student project continues.  A return visit has been paid by the delegation of UzhNU headed by the dean of the Faculty of Economics Vitaliy Serzhanov to Fresenius University in Munich. The goal of the visit was to present the results of joint work and discuss further collaboration under the signed agreement.

Let us remind you, that students of economics of SHEI "UzhNU" and students of Fresenius University of Applied Sciences are working on the development of the project to be implemented in cooperation with the enterprise "Fischer-Mukachevo". In Munich, young researchers presented the results of their work and discussed the objectives of the next stage of the research. The final project results will be presented in June.

Director General of JV, Ltd "Fischer-Mukachevo" Vasyl Riabych also joined the Ukrainian delegation. He took an active part in the discussion of the results of research developments and the prospects of joint cooperation between the universities and the companies that might be potential employers for university graduates in the future. At present, large companies like "Fisher-Mukachevo" need highly qualified specialists. In this regard, the training program implemented jointly by the Faculty of Economics of UzhNU and the Faculty of Economics and Media of Fresenius University looks very promising.The Deputy Dean Prof. Ludwig Hinkofer gladly welcomed Ukrainian guests in Fresenius University and expressed hope for further active cooperation between the two universities.

The impressions shared by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics of UzhNU Vitaliy Serzhanov:

"Firstly, I would like to note that this international project of the Faculty of Economics is coordinated by the Vice-Rector of UzhNU responsible for the international activity of the university Prof. Myroslava Lendel. Such cooperation was made possible due to the support of the Rector of UzhNU Prof. Volodymyr Smolanka and Vice-Rector Prof. Oleksandr Rohach. I’m also thankful to Vasyl Riabych – Director General of the JV, Ltd "Fischer-Mukachevo" for his support of the project and our students.

 Our German colleagues offered us a very interesting idea - “3 + 1 formula”, which means that after three years of study at UzhNU and one year at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Munich students of economics will get diplomas of both universities. Of course, still a lot of preparatory work has to be done to implement this plan. First of all, we have to coordinate the curricula of the two universities. The ability to speak fluent German or English is also important to become an exchange student.

 We also discussed other areas of cooperation of UzhNU and Fresenius University of Applied Sciences. Overall, the visit was very interesting and intense. I am sure that this is another important step towards further development of mutually beneficial cooperation between the two universities."

Another extremely important point on the agenda was a visit of our delegation to the Consulate General  of Ukraine in Munich. The German colleagues also organized a series of tours for Ukrainian guests, including the tour of the city of Munich and excursions to the world-famous BMW museum and Allianz Arena Munich.