UzhNU and “Interfil” Uzhhorod are searching for ways of mutually beneficial cooperation

UzhNU and “Interfil” Uzhhorod are searching for ways of mutually beneficial cooperation

On Monday, January 29, 2018, the representatives of Uzhhorod National University, headed by the first Vice-rector Oleksandr Slyvka, visited the limited liability company “Interfil”, manufacturing household chemicals, and discussed the terms of cooperation. In particular, the conversation concerned traineeship and employment opportunities for students. Acquaintance with the company was initiated by the NGO "International UzhNU Alumni Association”. The guests were offered a warm welcome by the director of LLC “Interfil” David Millosho and the owner of the company Oleh Adamchuk.

The delegation of UzhNU was represented by the heads of several structural subdivisions of UzhNU including the deans of the Faculties of Economy - Vitaliy Serzhanov, Mathematics - Mykhailo Povidaichyk, Chemistry - Vasyl Lendel, Physics - Volodymyr Lazur, and Engineering - Ivan Turianytsa, the director of the Information and Publishing Center of UzhNU Vasyl Ilnytskyi, as well as members of the Board of the Alumni Association Mykola Berezhanskyi, Ivan Artyomov, Ludmyla Sereda and Natalia Tolochko.

 Oleh Adamchuk briefly told about the history of the company, which has been operating in Uzhhorod since 1974, and has always been engaged in the manufacture of household chemicals. By this time there have been a few fundamental changes. In the 90s, the factory was owned by “Sofora” company, then it merged with “Henkel” and subsequently managed to establish cooperation with European representatives, in particular, the French, who are the main partners and shareholders of the Uzhhorod manufacture. Oleh Adamchuk notes that the factory has worked with a considerable number of customers almost from all over the world. There was a period when the market of cosmetics products was closed to Ukraine, and cooperation with the French partners gave new impetus to the development of manufacture. The factory does not manufacture its own products, it fulfills orders for famous brands like. Chanel, Adidas, Colgate, Bourjois, Nivea and many others.

 "Currently, we are planning to increase the amount of products manufactured at the “make up” production unit, where we might employ students. If all production lines operate in one shift per day, we’ll need 100 people, respectively in three shifts – 300 people. They can perform manual work that does not require special training. Everyone will have the opportunity to work on a contractual basis with a record in employment history book." say the company managers.

The managers of the university and the deans agreed that students of any faculty could work at the factory after training and mastering necessary skills. However, Oleh Adamchuk admits that knowledge of foreign languages is another important criterion for factory employees, since the company works in partnership with foreign customers. It can help students to be promoted within the company and work for the partner factories across Europe in the future.

 After the fruitful communication, the delegation of Uzhhorod National University had the opportunity to see the main work-shops for the manufacture of cosmetic products, view the equipment of the factory and communicate with its workers. The participants of the meeting agreed that future cooperation would require painstaking work in order to coordinate all details and arrange meetings with students. However, collaboration is possible. provided that both, the representatives of education and business, work consistently.