Students of UzhNU had a unique opportunity to communicate with UYF volunteers and learn about Korean culture

Students of UzhNU had a unique opportunity to communicate with UYF volunteers and learn about Korean culture

On Wednesday, March 28, there was the Day of Korean Culture at Uzhhorod National University. All interested people could attend a lecture delivered by the Professor of the International Institute for the Development of Intellect O Son Gyun, see modern Korean k-pop dancing and get acquainted with the history of Korea, its traditions and culture.

The event was attended by many connoisseurs of Oriental traditions, lecturers, and students of different faculties of UzhNU. It was held within the framework of the preparation of all-Ukrainian youth educational and cultural project “World Leaders Camp-2018” organized by the NGO All-Ukrainian Youth Communication. The organizers of the meeting say that such informal communication will help young people to get to know the culture of Korea, Korea's way to success, and will help to find new volunteers for the program.

The organizers of the event prepared a rich entertainment program, video and photo presentations for the Korean Culture Day. Thus, the visitors learned about the peculiarities of the volunteer programs: conditions of working and living in Korea, watched a video of the Korean band performing the song "Ukraine" and learned a lot about Koreans themselves, their customs and preferences. In addition, the guests of the event were entertained with songs and "k-pop".dances. However, entertainment was not the only thing prepared by the organizers of the event for the lovers of Oriental culture. They invited a professor, an authorized delegate of cultural and educational activities in the Eastern European Region O Son Gyun to deliver a lecture about Korea.

 The lecturer told the audience about the history of Korea, the way of its development and the reforms, which helped it to become one of the leading countries in the world. "I was born after the war, and that time was difficult for all our people - many were dying of hunger, some from cold winters. There were photos of Ukrainian peasants in our textbooks who worked in the fields, they had combines and all the necessary equipment. At that time, we had only garden tools at our disposal. Then, looking at the photo from Ukraine, I dreamed of reaching your level of development. We worked a lot, a lot of efforts of the leadership of our country were put into the development of education and science. We achieved a lot. So why is Korea currently in the first place in the ranking of the countries with the highest number of suicides? The answer to this question lies very deeply. Because of access to technological advances and financial prosperity people have lost the sense of happiness, ceased to understand the insignificance of material values."

O Son Gyun told the audience about the importance of making the right choice in life and prioritizing the life values, everything that we have - from small things to the value of every human life. He noted that every person had only one life to be happy, successful, and feel the harmony.


At the end of the Day of Korean Culture, all the visitors could take part Korean language learning activities, practice calligraphy and much more. The organizers say such cultural events have already become a good tradition, the Days of Korean Culture will be organized in several other Ukrainian cities.