The record has been broken! UzhNU is the 11th in the ranking of universities "TOP-200 Ukraine 2020"

The record has been broken! UzhNU is the 11th in the ranking of universities "TOP-200 Ukraine 2020"

On the eve of the admission campaign, the Center for International Projects "Euroosvita" in partnership with an international group of experts IREG Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence has published the 14th academic ranking of higher education institutions of Ukraine "Top-200 Ukraine 2020". Uzhhorod National University reached the 11th position in this "table of ranks" of higher education institutions for the first time in 14 years.

 According to the compilers of the ranking, to ensure full openness, transparency and independence of university rankings, only open data of direct measurements, displayed on open web resources of independent national and international organizations and institutions, were used. Any data or assessments presented by the universities and governing bodies themselves were not used.

The experts took into account current trends in the development of universities. This year’s ranking was calculated on the basis of 10 indicators, 6 of which are international, and 4 are national.

The overall assessment of universities is based on a set of the following indicators:

 - attractiveness of the university for applicants (weighted average for the rankings of higher education institutions, which includes the number of applications submitted by the entrants and the average competitive score in 2019).

- academic activity (position of the university in the international ranking QS World University Rankings);

- international activity (participation in the European Union Erasmus + programs);

- research and publishing activity (the university's position in the international Scopus ranking);

- quality of training (results of All-Ukrainian student Olympiads and competitions of scientific works);

- education and research activities (scholarships of the President of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for young scientists);

- evaluation of research achievements of universities through comparison of their websites (position of the university in the international Webometrics ranking);

- citation of university researchers’ articles (Google Scholar Citations);

- quality of presentation and popularity of higher education institution in the Internet on the basis of independent webometric indicators (UniRank);

- inventive activity (number of patents received by university scientists in 2019).

The Rector of Uzhhorod National University Volodymyr Smolanka commented on the published ranking results as follows: "This is a very high position, because we are very close to the TOP-10 leading universities on Ukraine. This ranking is a comprehensive, thorough assessment of the work done by the universities. It is true that this year the results of international rankings are taken into account, where we have high positions at the moment. We are glad that in recent years Uzhhorod National University has shown excellent growth dynamics. The whole team will continue to work hard to improve all aspects of our activities. We hope that it will allow us to reach the top ten best Ukrainian universities."