The preliminary round of the competition "Start-up-UzhNU: Forward to innovations!"

The preliminary round of the competition "Start-up-UzhNU: Forward to innovations!"

On Wednesday, March 27, the second preliminary round of the contest "StartUp-UzhNU: Forward to innovation!". Registered participants presented their projects to the Expert Council. The second round of the competition of innovative ideas was opened by the Chairman of the Expert Council, Vice-Rector for Research Ivan Myroniuk. The Expert Council also included Rector's Advisor on Innovation, Head of the Department of Medical and Biological Disciplines Nadiia Boyko, Head of the Research Department Kateryna Skubenych, Deputy Head of the Research Department Kateryna Kovalchuk, Coordinator of the UzhNU Startup Center Hanna Kostyoviat, and Director of the Transcarpathian Branch of the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Andrii Vartsaba. Then the participants presented their own projects. In total, 10 startup projects were presented.

Taras Griadil presented the start-up project "Uzhhorod Smart City Platform". The idea of the project is to create a digital platform that will combine the data of the city of Uzhhorod according to the geographical principle (streets and addresses) and tagging data. The aim is to provide convenient access to this data and to improve the coordination between city services, government organizations and city residents. 

Andriy Vohar, a student of the Faculty of Mathematics and Digital Technologies, presented the project "Information system of campus life at Uzhgorod University". The aim of the project is to develop a website containing up-to-date information about the Uzhhorod University campus. The website is also a platform for digitalization of all processes in the dormitory between students and commanders. 

Vladyslav Bulyk, representing the Faculty of Dentistry, presented the project "Implementing the Latest AI Technologies in Dental Practice". The project is aimed at the development and implementation of AI technologies in dental practice by combining hardware capacities to improve the method of choosing treatment tactics, introducing the tactics of parallel work of a doctor and auxiliary artificial intelligence.

Andriana Chopey and Anna Maksymova, students of the Faculty of Health and Physical Education, presented the project "Wheelchair Transformer". The Wheelchair Transformer is an innovative mechanism that allows to adjust the height of the chair with the help of special lifting springs. This feature allows users to raise the seat of the chair, creating a comfortable and safe seat with seat belts for people with disabilities. 

Next to present their projects were representatives of the Faculty of Biology: Oleksandra Kolesnyk and Ivan Skliar. Oleksandra presented the project "Combined broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent", which is a combination of several components with antimicrobial properties. The combination of components provides antimicrobial action against a wide range of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms, which in some cases makes it possible to avoid the use of antibiotics. Ivan Skliar presented a series of oral hygiene products for inflammatory periodontal diseases, developed taking into account the composition of the microbiota. The oral care products have bacteriostatic properties and consist of components of plant origin with antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Vasyl Batryn and Anastasia Shkyrta, students of the Faculty of Information Technology, spoke about their innovative achievement, the "Device for Identifying the Position of Drones in Electronic Warfare". The main goal of the project is to create an innovative solution that will be able to determine the position of unmanned aerial vehicles with the highest possible accuracy in difficult electronic warfare conditions. Given the growing importance of drones in modern military operations, the ability to accurately determine their location in the event of a loss of GPS signal has become indispensable for the country's defense and security. The device is designed to operate in the low frequency range.

Mikhail Trombola, another representative of the Faculty of Information Technology, presented his project. The start-up project is a mobile application for employees of small retail stores. The application is designed to check the price of various products (mainly Apple), as well as to quickly present information to potential customers, with access management for employees.

 The next to present her project "PHOTeeth" - an approach to the use of the photogrammetric method in the post-implantation period and during prosthetic planning - was student of the Faculty of |Dentistry, Maria Biley. The project aims to develop an approach to the use of photogrammetric scanning for planning further prosthetics in orthopedic practice, in particular in the post-implantation period, to provide patients with an appropriate level of aesthetics of single and/or complex orthopedic structures while maintaining their natural shape and color, as well as the possibility of correction in the process of treatment planning depending on the patient's preferences.

The last speaker was Myroslav Goncharuk-Khomin. He presented the start-up project "Digital Dental Patient Study Concept - Mixed Reality Dental Education". The project is an original learning platform, implementation methodology, implementation algorithm and a set of digital learning materials that can be implemented in the structure of formal and non-formal dental education on the basis of higher education institutions, public organizations, educational service providers, as well as on the initiative of students, applicants and candidates, and is characterized by the possibility of including the functions of segmented and mixed realities in the educational process with limited financial resources in the process of full-time or distance learning. 

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The winners of the second qualifying stage will take part in the final of the competition, which will be held on May 02, 2024 at 12:00 in the meeting room of the Academic Council of UzhNU at Narodna Sq. 3 (2nd floor). 

We hope that the final stage of the competition will bring many unforgettable moments for all participants and will contribute to the development and commercialization of innovative ideas.


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