The international conference dedicated to the issues of tolerance is over

The international conference dedicated to the issues of tolerance is over

Saturday, September 14, 2019 was the second and the last day of the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Proactive Tolerance as a Way to Peace". The scientific event was held as part of the project implemented by UzhNU together with Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (Germany) and focused on the idea of ​​tolerance at the borders of Europe.

In the scientific discussion, scholars touched upon the issues of tolerance, social communication and the role of mass media. Professor Arnd Küppers (Germany) spoke about the interconnection between tolerance and culture in the European countries. He also touched upon the problem of tolerance towards the representatives of other cultures, including the representatives of the Islamic world.

Associate Professor of the Department of Global Studies, European Integration and National Security Management at the National Academy of Public Administration of the President of Ukraine, Rena Marutyan, spoke about the phenomenon, and the mechanism of the emergence of intolerance. The topics discussed during the conference included the formation of tolerance in the conditions of introduction and development of information and communication technologies, and the topic of tolerance in the Ukrainian media.

Scholars also considered the possibility of implementing proactive tolerance through the prism of education and upbringing. Marianna Kolodiy, the head of UzhNU Center for Gender Education, told about practical skills and teaching  tolerance, in particular in the institutions of higher education. In conclusion, the participants summed up the conference results and continued their communication in an informal manner.