Renovated premises as a Christmas gift

Renovated premises as a Christmas gift

In 2019, extensive renovation works were carried out in the classrooms of many faculties, student hostels and other types of premises. At the end of the year, they accomplished the renovation in the premises of the Department of Surgical Diseases of the Faculty of Medicine. According to the staff of the faculty, the repair works are of high quality, everything looks clean and neat.

The Rector of UzhNU, Volodymyr Smolanka, inspecting the renovated classrooms of the Faculty of Medicine, said “This is one of the departments where the renovation has been done this year. In general, we are working on the improvement of the conditions of study and work for our students and teachers systematically, this is our priority. In the new year we will continue repairs at all the faculties of our university, as the financial situation allows us to do it."

According to the Vice-Rector for Administrative and Economic Affairs of UzhNU, Dmytro Soyma, up to 1.5 million UAH have been spent on the renovation of the premises of the department.

In the near future, they are planning to do the renovation works at the Department of Faculty Therapy, which is located in the adjacent wing of the building.