"Miss UzhNU- 2017" - beauty, grace and ... marriage proposal

"Miss UzhNU- 2017" - beauty, grace and ... marriage proposal

On Wednesday, May 17, 2017 a grand event was held in the Transcarpathian Music and Drama Theater. Uzhhorod National University chose the most beautiful girl of the university.

Seventeen students representing the faculties of medicine, economics, physics, dentistry, mathematics, geography, biology, history, chemistry, law, international economic relations, foreign languages, healthcare and physical education, history and international relations, and the Ukrainian-Hungarian research institute were competing for the title "Miss UzhNU - 2017". The girls had to demonstrate not only beauty, but also grace, allurement and ability to behave on the stage.

The audience was entertained by the team of cheerleaders of UzhNU, singer Serhiy Roman, dance studio «BLITZ», the theater of fire and light "DragonFly", the team of comedians from Mukachevo - "BOOM", an incredible band «Fajta band" and singer Victoria Buletsa, who received an incredible present. Victoria’s beloved proposed to her on the stage after her performance and she agreed without hesitation.

 By the decision of the jury, a student of the Faculty of History and International Relations Hrystyna Azarhova was awarded with the title of the Second Vice-Miss; a representative of the Faculty of Law Evelina Yager became the First Vice-Miss. The crown and the title of the most beautiful girl of UzhNU was won by a student of the Medical Faculty Kseniya Bonk.