Meeting with foreign students

Meeting with foreign students

 The meeting took place as a result of the emergency situation that had occurred in Uzhhorod on the night of April 10th – the murder of two students of the Faculty of Medicine of UzhNU - citizens of India. The Rector Volodymyr Smolanka expressed his condolences to the audience, in particular, the foreigners studying at Uzhhorod National University. "We take care of foreign students, friendly relationships with whom are extremely important to us. We want you to have the opportunity to study and be educated in our home town in peaceful and quiet atmosphere. We are doing our best to ensure that people who have committed this heinous crime should be severely punished. For this purpose we are actively cooperating with law enforcement authorities who have already arrested three suspects, who had allegedly committed the crime".

Vice-rector for Academic Policy and Research Myroslava Lendel stressed in her speech that "many students of other faculties phoned and expressed their support because you have become part of us. You have the support of all students, teachers of our university and citizens of Uzhhorod".

Foreign students expressed hope that the criminals would be severely punished and also mentioned that they had faced incomprehension, aggression and discrimination in Uzhhorod.

The participants of the meeting agreed on the importance and necessity of social, informational activities which would help foreigners get better acquainted with local people and establish friendly atmosphere between them.

The issue of constructing a hostel for international students was also raised at the meeting by the Rector. The given information won applause of the audience.

On the same day at 6pm remembrance of the murdered Indian students took place before the building of the Medical faculty of UzhNU.