Journalists were told about the results of UzhNU activity in 2017

Journalists were told about the results of UzhNU activity in 2017

A press conference for representatives of mass media, where the university leaders told about the work done at UzhNU in 2017, took place in the administrative building of the university on Thursday, January 11th, 2018.

Answering journalists' questions, the Rector of UzhNU Volodymyr Smolanka emphasized that Uzhhorod National University gained a firm foothold in top twenty best universities in Ukraine in the last few years. "In recent years, the whole system of higher education was facing serious challenges because of the demographic issue which resulted in a significant decrease in the number of school leavers. Moreover, the competition between 300 domestic universities is increasing and access to foreign universities became easier for Ukrainians. Despite such unfavorable factors, we succeded in increasing the number of our students, although most Ukrainian university register negative dynamics. At present, 14,659 students study at UzhNU. This is the absolute maximum in the history of our university There are also more than 1,100 foreign students studying with us," said Volodymyr Smolanka.

Financial position of UzhNU is also positive, which evidences its prosperity. According to the leader of UzhNU, stable and well-considered financial policy allows to spend the earned money efficiently, invest it in the renovation of the available infrastructure and purchase the equipment necessary for education and research. "We are going to continue and finish the reconstruction of the main educational and laboratory building in Universytetska street, whose construction began in 1989." said the Rector.

 In 2013-2017, the income of the university increased significantly. The amount of money in the general fund increased from 121.3 million UAH to 178.1 million UAH, and the amount in the special fund generated from our own resources increased by 280% from 60.6 million to 169.9 million UAH.

The Vice-Rector for Academic Policy and Research Oleksandr Rohach emphasized that, for the first time in many years, the University carried out major overhaul of a number of premises on the university campus: "We carried out major overhauls of the upper floors in all our student hostels built in the 1960-ies and 1970-ies. Modern modular boiler houses were put into operation, which significantly improved energy efficiency. It should be noted that we spend considerable amout of our money on utility bills, therefore, we will continue paying close attention to this issue, we are also planning to conduct a comprehensive audit of our power inputs in the near future in order to optimize the planning of our activities aimed at improving the situation in this sphere," said Oleksandr Rohach.

 The Vice-Rector for Academic Policy and Research of UzhNU Ihor Korol spoke about the peculiarities of vocational guidance work, in particular, the innovations introduced in this area of activity in 2017. "We conduct vocational guidance work together with employment centers. Owing to direct cooperation with employers, our students have better chances of getting the jobs related to their majors. We launched the system of surveys and video presentations to help employers get  acquainted with our students' skills." said Ihor Korol.

Another important area of the university's activities is training scientists. At present, 382 post-graduate students and 16 doctoral students study at UzhNU, most of them are alumni of our university. In 2017, the number of post-graduate students studying ay the expense of the state budget increased by 10%. "Uzhhorod National University is the university that does not only give knowledge, but also produces it. We are currently working on 33 scientific topics funded by the government (their total cost is more than 6 million UAH) and on more than 70 contractual and grant projects (whose total budget is around 4 million UAH)." said Ihor Studenyak, the Vice-Rector for Research Policy.

 Last year, UzhNU broadened the georpaphy of its international cooperation as a participant of the academic mobility programs. There are currently 15  Erasmus+ academic mobility programs being implemented which allow our students to study at European universities and foreign students in our university during one semester or academic year at the expense of the European funds. 9 cross-border cooperation programs are being currently implemented as part of the EU research program “Horizon 2020”.

 In conclusion, the Rrector noted that the most important objectives for the next year would be providing high-quality educational services, maintaining financial stability of the university, improving the system of remuneration of the best employees, expanding international cooperation with foreign partners and improving the material and technical facilities of the university.