Despite quarantine restrictions, students of UzhNU actively participate in international training internships

Despite quarantine restrictions, students of UzhNU actively participate in international training internships

Under a university cooperation agreement. three students took part in the International Winter University Programme (Darmstadt, Germany), which allowed them to undergo a three-week training course in Digital Societies and International Marketing and Sales modules.

 Students from Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, Australia, the USA, Indonesia, Iran and other countries took part in this year’s Winter School organized by Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. Based on a bilateral cooperation agreement between Uzhhorod National University and Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, our students were invited to participate free of charge. This year, for the first time in the history of this Winter School, it was held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the limitations of online learning, the organizers made great efforts to acquaint students with the German culture and the city of Darmstadt, established communication with other participants of the programme, did their best to help students to spend three weeks efficiently doing various tasks and learning German.

 The curriculum included tutorials and lectures in the main subjects, as well as in German, depending on students’ level of the language (A1, A2, B1). Lectures were delivered by the professors from the University of Darmstadt and guest lecturers from other universities. One of the guest lecturers was a professor at Griffith University in Australia, who introduced students to the history of Australia, the phenomenon of mediatization, its impact on social processes,and the relationship between media and culture.

During the three-week training, students of the Digital Societies module had the opportunity to discuss current digital trends at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, share experience of using digital technologies for learning, discuss the pros and cons of online learning, share their experience of emotion and mood management and the peculiarities of distance learning in their countries.

 The International Marketing and Sales module was designed to improve students' knowledge of marketing management for product promotion and success of the company. Sales play a fundamental role in the promotion of complex and innovative products and affect company's economic success. Students learned how to manage complex international marketing concepts and use marketing tools. The main task of the tutorials was to develop students’ communicative skills. Participants of the Winter School prepared their presentations on various topics and displayed them during the tutorials.

 In addition to the curriculum, students had the opportunity to participate in virtual tours of Darmstadt and the university campus, attend yoga classes, take part in virtual treasure hunts and do many other interesting and informative activities aimed at enriching students’intercultural experience.