Canadian Ambassador spoke about borders in UzhNU

Canadian Ambassador spoke about borders in UzhNU

On April the 14th, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine Roman Vashchuk visited UzhNU and delivered a lecture "Life in the border region". In the small hall of the Academic Council of the university he talked to the management, staff and students of the Faculty of History and the Faculty of International Policy, Management and Business.

Roman Vashchuk told about strengthening of American and Canadian border after the terrorist operation in 2001. America and Canada realized that creation of an online surveillance system would significantly contribute to the efficient operation of the border services. When a tourist comes to the border crossing, customs officers already have all the information about him or her, says the Ambassador.

For a long time America and Canada did not have a surveillance system to monitor the people leaving the countries. After 2001 both states strengthened this security aspect. Therefore, a departure from the USA is considered to be an entry to Canada. Today, the Canadian and the US Border Services even coordinate radio frequencies.

Despite the cooperation and coordination of actions, Canada’s visa policy differs from the US one, because Canada wants to preserve its national peculiarities.


According to Roman Vashchuk, Canada's most important task is to optimize economic and humanitarian cooperation with the United States while preserving security system. The Ambassador believes that both countries manage to find compromise today. In his opinion, the most important thing is to maintain trade relations that have been established between the two countries, while preserving social values ​​of the Canadians.


Ukraine and Canada have similar features, says the Ambassador.  Today he sees another wave of interest in doing business in Ukraine. In the 1990-ies, Canadian investors were among the first in Ukraine. During the lecture in UzhNU Roman Vashchuk admitted reading a book by the Transcarpathian author Les Beley "Venturous nineties." (Likhiye Devyanosti)


Today, Canada is ready to help and support Ukraine, particularly in trade and science. The Ambassador discussed the possibility of trilateral cooperation in the fiels of science with the Rector of UzhNU.


Canadians were twice involved in war to solve the problems in Europe because they have the right for their own opinion on the European security and they can play a constructive role in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, says Roman Vashchuk.


The Ambassador is confident that every diplomat should be flexible. In Canada, his surname like all other surnames ending in -uk is associated with the western part of Ukraine, so very few people can guess his Ukrainian origin. Before his appointment to Ukraine, Roman Vashchuk was the Ambassador of Canada to Serbia, he also worked in Berlin and Moscow. He remarks that no matter where he worked he always managed to find some common features between the countries, so it was not difficult for him to hold such esteemed posts.


Natalia Karalkina


Mediacenter of UzhNU