The Centre of Historical and Religious Studies “Logos”

The Scientific Research Center "Logos" was established on September 23rd 2010 the decision of the Academic Council of the State institution of higher education "Uzhgorod National University" (protocol №9). Coordinator is     ,assistant professor Fenich Vladimir. Throughout the duration of the SRCHRS "Logos" conducted fruitful research work its employees volunteer, in particular:

I. The international cooperation.
  1. The joint monograph published in Prague (Y.Danylets);
  2. The implementation of scientific biographies of Austrian-Ukrainian project «Bischoflexicon» and «Frintaneum» (V.Fenych. V.Kichera. D.Shterr) are completed for the encyclopedia "The bishops of the Habsburg Empire";
  3. At the final stage is the Russian-Ukrainian scientific cooperation on writing the history of the Church in the Transcarpathia (V.Fenych, Y.Danylets, V.Kichera) for "International Orthodox Encyclopedia" in Moscow;
  4. On March 28th 2013 an agreement was signed about scientific cooperation between the "Uzhhorod National University" and Federal State Budgetary Institution of Higher Education " Kozma Minin State Pedagogical University of Nizhegorod" (Russian Federation).
II. Participation in conferences and organization of the symposia.

The co-workers of the SRCHRS "Logos" participating in conferences and research projects at various levels. The systematic approbation of research results takes place in Kyiv, Lviv, Preshov, Satu-Mare, Svidnik, Rome, Leipzig, Vienna, Moscow and etc.

III. The probation.

The part of the scientific work of the co-workers of the center are the probations in Ukraine and abroad. The probations took place in the following institutions:

  1. The National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" (2001, V.Fenych);
  2. The University of Preshov (2008 Y.Danylets, 2009 V.Kichera);
  3. The University of Leipzig (2009 Y.Danylets);
  4. The Institute of History of the Church Ukrainian Catholic University (2007 V.Fenych, 2009 V.Kichera, 2011 D.Shterr, 2012 M.Mayoroshi);
  5. The Summer School of Ukrainian Catholic University in Rome (2013 M.Mayoroshi).
IV. The internal cooperation.

The internal cooperation realized through partnership with scientitic institutions, research centers and religious organizations. Established cooperation with the following institutions:

  1. The Theological and Historical Scientific Research Center of Archimandrite Basil (Pronin) (Mukachevo.)
  2. The Institute of History of the Church Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv);
  3. The Institute of Religion (Lviv);
  4. The Uzhgorod Greek Catholic Theological Academy of the Blessed Theodore (Romzha) (Uzhgorod);
  5. The Religious Information Service of Ukraine (Lviv).

The Center’s co-workers also done considerable work regards the establishment of religious communities Archives of Transcarpathian region. (in particular archiving and digitization expect about 200 interviews).

The archive history of religious buildings already created of different faiths of the Transcarpathia (digitized 116 cases). The active work is conducted in the archival institutions of region and abroad.

In June 2012 employees of the center prepared to print the first issue of the scientific periodical printed publication "The Scientific Notes of Uzhgorod University. The Series: Historical and Religious Studies. "

The co-workers of the Center actively popularize their work via the Internet. The page of the SRCHRS "Logos" (the manager - V.Kichera, the administrator - D.Shterr) created in the social network Facebook.

The Centre plans for the near future to conduct seminars on the religious history of the Carpathian region, organizing international conferences, work in archives and publication of scientific papers.

M. Polyuzhyn