Business Center

The Business Center of Uzhgorod National University was established on the basis of the joint program of UzhNU and the Central University of Conectucut (USA) to assist specialists in different directions of learning innovation in economic processes and development of small business in the Transcarpathia. Having creating a partnership of the two universities, which is examined in Washington and has been praised (get a high score) the conception of the centre of small business in the Transcarpathia has been developed after

Based on this concept, using powerful property and stuff potential of UzhNU and its foreign partners, attracting students, as well as being available financial and methodological support of fund "Eurasia" work began in UzhNU to establish Business centers. On the other hand, the work has began to create the Business center, which is prepared by the changes that have taken place in the economy in the Ukraine. All this has created favorable conditions for the establishment and functioning of the Business Center of UzhNU.

Therefore, the partnership received a grant from the Fund "Eurasia" in the amount of 104 thousand dollars to create a Business Centre of UzhNU.

The head of the Business Centre is Natalia Kubinij, candidate in Economics, professor of the  Department of Enterprise of the Institute of Economics and International Relations of Uzhgorod National University. She held approbation in the US and UK. She has performed with lectures of the Universities of  United States, Great Britain, the Czech Republics and Russia. Natalia Kubinij is the author of over 50 scientific papers, actively implementing research results into practice. She is also the coordinator of program with Nazareth College of Rochester (USA).

The Activity of the Business Center of UzhNU is developed in three main directions:

The first direction is the development of international cooperation with Universities in the United States and the European Union. Within the cooperation with the Technical University of Koshice carried out a joint scientific research, the results of which are distributed through the publication of articles in the editions of the European Union and Ukraine. The activities are conducted with the College of Rotchester (USA) about the creation a joint academic program, the graduates of which will receive a master's degree in the field «Human Resource Management» American College and a Masters degree in specialty "Human Resource Management and Stuff Management" of Uzhgorod National University.

The second direction – a practical assistance to novice entrepreneurs in the creation of enterprises and drafting business plans.

The third direction – a training activities in the field of strategic management, time management, self-management. For customers proposed several programs that focus on retraining and requalification of specialists. The Business Center helps both entrepreneurs and those who lost their jobs and find themselves in a market economy. Nowadays regularly seminares are held at the Business Centre, round tables, organized a work of a creative shops between lecturers of Uzhgorod, American and European Universities.

M. Polyuzhyn