Department of Scientific and Technical Information

Information support of research activities of the University is carried out by the Division ofScientific and Technical Information of the Scientific Research Department, whose main functions are as follows:

1. Updating the reference-information fund in key areas of research of the University, to include:

    • analysis of the thematic plan of scientific research in order to identify information materials;
    • distribution of information materials for conducting conferences, seminars, etc.

2. Organization and state registration of state budgetary and contract research projects at the Ukrainian Institute of Scientific-Technical and Economic Information in accordance with the established procedure.

3. Marketing activities for the implementation of the results of research by:

    • organization of exhibitions of scientific papers and other scholarly products created as a result of research projects;
    • preparation and publication of promotional materials (leaflets, prospectuses on the main directions of scientific activity of the University), their advertising in the media, including electronic;
    • preparation of catalogues of the most efficient scientific researches of the University.

The formation, together with the scientific library and the computer centre of the University, of the scientific information base on key areas of research and implementation of measures for free access to it for research staff of the University, including the use of modern computer technologies.